God is Forgiven

God is Forgiven is the resolution to Cruelty.

Free Will is the end of cruelty when humanity, en mass, forgives God by recognizing that sin is valuable. Currently, humanity is being very cruel to God.

Sin is not evil, nor wrong, nor shameful, nor ugly, nor worthless, nor any negative possibility.

Sin is not loss, nor separation from God.  Sin is God divided and multiplied eternally.

Sin is proof that death does not exist, because sin is the separation from Death.

Sin is the ability to live "AFTER."

After what?

After we recognize that innocence and love are not the same thing, but reside and resonate in the same place called TIME which is created by sin. Sin is the "after" that is easily recognizable as mortality.

As conscious individuals we are descendants of a broken existence. Each of us is innocent of creating our mortal destiny, but vulnerable to condemning our connection with others who “created us to die” without our permission. The moral crisis enacted by our mortality has enabled us the power of cruelty which is the belief that we have power over Death. Sentient Consciousness will never have power over Death because it will never know what Death is.

Mortality has happened countless times throughout life, but the Death of sentient consciousness or life itself has yet to actually be witnessed. We observe mortality every time someone is born.  Yet, their birth does not cause Time to stop, or start over.  Instead, Time duplicates as "the continuation of what was" plus "the addition of something new."  This division creates our awareness of "we" vs. "I" but it does not create death. Our lack of knowledge of death is our separation from it. We know and understand how to create mortality, but we do not know how to create the lack of existence. We do not know this mysterious state of perception called the lack of all life, the lack of all consciousness. What we do know is that we have condemned the innocence of mortality by believing that it causes the loss of life. Our belief in loss blames every birth for causing death.

Thus, we create cruelty. We create false power.

Genuine power is the understanding that no one, not even God can create death because death is the LACK of absolutely everything.  Secondly, Innocence is the LACK of knowledge of death, not the lack of knowledge of mortality.

Love is the acknowledgement of this division in our consciousness. Love is the daily practice of remembering that we can only witness the innocence of life and mortality, and never witness the innocence of death. Love understands that mortality is the on-going resurrection of lifetimes from Innocence.  Love is the witness of sin as an enrichment and the dissolution of cruelty.

Cruelty is the belief that Sin is the cause of death, rather than prosperity of existence. Cruelty is our nightmare that division shouldn't happen, and that it creates loss. Cruelty is the nightmare that the multiplication of God into individuals throughout time creates loss. Cruelty is the nightmare that made God's moral supremacy over humanity, and human mortality as shameful and worthless. Cruelty is the nightmare that convinced us that we aren't remnants of God.  Our belief that sin shouldn't happen prevented us from acknowledging the miracle of mortality, which is not death, but the multiplication of God....forever.

Sin is your savior because it enables you the power to be self-aware of your existence that is God.
​"I am" becomes "I know that I am" through sin. From potential sentient consciousness comes an actual being of sentient consciousness; again and again via mortality. God is known by our witnessing of God, by our mortal lifetimes that witness sentient life. We resurrect sentient consciousness as individuals through the miracle of fractured conscious-time known as mortality. God is not our ruler or savior.  God is our potential.  The judgement of humanity is not under the jurisdiction of a God who is separate from our minds. The judgement of humanity is that we are sentient consciousness itself and have the power to forgive our potential which can create mortality.