God is Forgiven

God is Forgiven is the resolution to Cruelty.

Free Will is the end of cruelty when humanity, en mass, forgives God by recognizing that sin is valuable. and that humanity is God. 

Sin is not loss, nor separation from God.  

Sin is the belief in an enemy, but this belief originates in God AKA consciousness itself.

Consciousness is inherited by each of us. It doesn't start over just because a new child is born.

The value of sin is the recognition of "AFTER."

After what?

After we recognize that innocence is vulnerability and love is the understanding that we are not actually vulnerable; even as mortal beings. 

As conscious individuals we are descendants of inherited consciousness. None of us create the power of consciousness but we all use it in varying degrees without being taught. Furthermore, we inherit this consciousness from mortal beings who give us mortal existence. Thus, each of us is innocent of creating our mortal destiny, but vulnerable to condemning our connection with others who “created us to die” without our permission. The circumstance of being born mortal gives us the  "AFTER" that presents us with our moral crisis; a confrontation with personal annihilation, a relationship with others who cannot promise freedom from this predicament, and the option to throw it away because we didn't start it to begin with. Yet, our mortality is precisely the evidence we need for the reassurance of the value of our existence.

Mortality has happened countless times throughout life, but the Death of sentient consciousness or life itself has yet to actually be witnessed. We observe mortality every time someone is born.  Yet, their birth does not cause Time to stop, or start over.  Instead, Time multiplies as "the continuation of what was" plus "the addition of something new."  This division creates our awareness of "we" vs. "I" but it does not create death. Our lack of knowledge of death is our separation from it. We know and understand how to create mortality, but we do not know how to create the lack of existence. We do not know this mysterious state of perception called the lack of all life or the lack of all consciousness. What we do know is that we have condemned the innocence of mortality by believing that it causes the loss of life. Our belief in loss associated with mortality blames every birth for causing death.

Thus, we create cruelty. We create false power. We create the belief in an enemy.

Forgiveness of God is the acknowledgement of false power.  Forgiveness of God is the understanding that mortality is the on-going resurrection of lifetimes from Innocent Consciousness.  

Forgiveness of God is the recognition that vulnerability is a resonance that is part BEING and part BEING A WITNESS TO BEING. These are 2 different conscious states from the same universal state of existence.

The fact that we can prove that we are not the enemy of consciousness by using our mortality to do so is salvation. It is our proof of our entitlement to our emotional-psychological ancestry that is innocent consciousness. We do not need to fear death or loss or each other. Mortality is on-going resurrection. From potential sentient consciousness comes actual beings of sentient consciousness again and again via mortality. Consciousness is known by our witnessing of consciousness.  Our mortal lifetimes are the on-going, living witness to sentient life. We resurrect sentient consciousness as individuals through the miracle of fractured conscious-time known as mortality.  God-consciousness is our potential. We are its actual realization by being living witnesses to it for moments of time.  The judgement of humanity is not under the jurisdiction of a God who is separate from our minds or our hearts. The judgement of humanity is that we are sentient consciousness itself and have the power to forgive God.